Bridget Brigitte McDonald, Ph.D., is an award-winning composer, writer, and sustainability advocate who is currently Executive Director and President of the Women’s International Center and runs her own record label and online marketing company, Bionic Sisters Productions. With a symphony-composer-grandmother and a radio-technology-pioneer-grandfather, she was destined for music, writing, and non-profit advocacy. With a world-renowned author/educator mother and attorney father, it is no surprise that Bridget received a BA from UC Berkeley (Chinese History & Comparative Literature English/French/German) and MA (French) and Ph.D. (Comparative Humanities) from Johns Hopkins University. Bridget has written 2 novels, a translation of French philosophy (Stanford), and has poems in journals across the country.

Bridget and her husband Jean-Pierre live in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. They are the proud parents of several adopted animals including tortoises, turtles, fish, cats, and a dog. They visited Saratoga in the summer and were among the first to urge Valerie to expand ACTT Naturally into a program for women.