Valerie Buck – Founder of ACTT Naturally

Valerie Buck is an extraordinary and outstanding horsewoman. Her dedication and care to the welfare of the horses is second to none. She has a marvelous feel for what each horse needs and a work ethic to carry it out.D Wayne Lukas: Hall of Fame Thoroughbred Trainer

Valerie Buck founded ACTT Naturally in 2013, after many years of repurposing off-track-Thoroughbreds. She worked 28 years in the Thoroughbred racing industry, and while she worked in top stables, sitting aboard some of the best horses in her generation, she also found value in horses no longer able to compete. Valerie uses the same patient touch she had for champions to retrain forgotten horses. She’s found success locating forever homes and useful careers for many horses.

Valerie’s ongoing education in Natural Horsemanship creates well mannered, mentally and physically balanced horses ready for bright new futures.

ACTT Naturally readied and supplied horses to launch a local veterans program. It was here that Valerie steeled her determination to begin a program for women. A program designed to help women through tragic losses, major setbacks, large or small disappointments, or to overcome the challenges that visit every life sooner or later. She and her team help horses and humans heal together.

About Valerie Buck – Founder of ACTT Naturally
Valerie is largely responsible for the success of Saratoga WarHorse, It’s one thing to make reliable, trustworthy, affectionate partners of the cooler breeds and quite another to do it with off the track Thoroughbreds. I’ve never seen a better hand with the latter. Valerie has furnished the horses to Saratoga WarHorse from day one and they are wonderful, engaging, curious, and gentle. She brings healthy, happy horses to every class and they are always eager to work. The veterans sense the horse’s willingness and well-being and they are further rewarded by Valerie’s deep and caring soul.

One of the joys of watching Valerie build her organization is seeing the backstretch community rally around her. It’s all so nice. I believe she will carry both horses and people to a better place.Marilyn Lane: Advisor - ACTT Naturally