What began as a Potentially uneventful summer for my daughter Haviah, became a treasure filled one starting with our first visit to a fundraiser for ACTT Naturally!

Haviah began helping Valerie with the horses, learning to clean up after them and care for them!   Haviah was able to identify all the horses at Long Shadows farm within a couple of days, she had a special connection with one horse in particular: Comet!

Valerie, being as sensitive as she is, was also aware of Haviah’s connection.  Throughout the remainder of the summer Valerie helped Haviah to establish and seal a safe and strong relationship with Comet.

My wife, Jenny and I will always be thankful for all that Valerie has done for our daughter!

Now a word about Valerie!  I have never seen Valerie come near any of the horses (or her dogs) without giving them a big hug and kissing them!  Her love for these animals is who she is!  Valerie is driven to ensure these horses are sound and healthy, both physically and emotionally towards the goal of having them adopted into a loving home.   What a gift to these animals and the future owners!

So A great big Thank-you to ACTT Naturally and Valerie Buck!


Mark Edwards, Haviah’s dad