Grail Seeker-ADOPTED!

I had the absolute pleasure and distinct honor of initially meeting Valerie Buck, of ACTT Naturally, while volunteering at Long Shadows Farm.

Soon afterwards, and after many hours together on the farm with Valerie doing chores and enjoying the herd and trail riding together, we BONDED BIG TIME!

That said, and with Valerie seeing first hand how my personal reconnection with horses after a 40 plus year absence filled me with joy, peace, contentment and a renewed child like spirit, all happening simultaneously and unknowingly to me, THE WRITING WAS ON THE WALL…..CLEARLY!!!

Valerie introduced me to Rupert (Grail Seeker) whom ACTT Naturally had taken in when he was in need of a safe landing. …….

That is where one chapter of Rupert’s life ended, and a brand new chapter is upon us and is being written in real time with each passing day I spend with Rupert, and at the farm with his herd mates at Long Shadows, his permanent home!

In summation, Rupert and Valerie Buck have both changed my life FOR THE BETTER… question!!!!

And make me feel like I’m “16” and not “61!” years young… personal FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, that’s what both Rupert and Valerie Buck / ACTT Naturally deliver…….without promises, it just happens…..NATURALLY!

In closing but at the same time moving forward, GIDDY UP AND HAPPY TRAILS AHEAD TO Valerie Buck and her organization and LIFE….ACTT Naturally, you are making a difference ninth world, for that I both THANK and LOVE YOU!!!!! MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU 🐎



Bill Nizolek and Rupert Nizolek