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Horses Helping Humans Helping Horses

Workshops for Veterans, Families of Veterans, and First-Responders

ACTT Naturally’s Hearts in Harmony equine assisted learning programs are a series of experiential processes  that employs the non verbal communication between horse and human.

I don’t think I can remember another time that I felt so wholly supported as I did by all the women present. It was indeed a very memorable experience.Erin B

‘The connection that took place in the round pen was a life changing event for me. The relationship bound by that connection is not easy to explain. Budder’s accepting me with out condition was just what I needed to start the healing process in my life. I owe Budder my life and I have thought about him everyday for the last 6 years. I have been able to graduate from college and start a new carrier because of my connection with Budder. I have watched relationships in my life transform because of the experience with Budder. He taught me it is the little moments that are important. To live in the now, not in the past.”

Army Sargent James S. 1993-2012/ served in Baghdad, Iraq 2005-2006

It is a setting where humans and horses learn to work as a herd of two…where the outside world is pushed away for a few hours and we find ourselves able to step into a place of learning balance in emotional circumstances that will show up in everyday life. Step into a place where your everyday stresses and demands are put aside and where you may find the tools to create a more peaceful interaction with your life’s interactions.

ACTT Naturally’s equine assisted learning programs are designed specifically with the off-track thoroughbred as a participant. Thoroughbred horses are very sensitive by nature and are amazing at connecting with the feelings and emotions of their human partners. Our horses have been trained to do the work in our programs, however, each individual connection changes as the energy and relationship are unique to every encounter.

Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts and offer it to anyone who poses the humility to listen.”

ACTT Naturally’s equine facilitated programs for veterans and first responders offer experiential time with horses. Our hands-on exercises work to build trust, compassion, empathy and mutual respect. These tools help reduce anxiety and increase confidence. The programs are safe and uncomplicated. Our OTTB’s enjoy the work, and along with the veterans gain a renewed sense of well-being. This program puts everyone in the Winner’s Circle.

Hearts in Harmony

When you honor a horse as a teacher and healer, the transformative results can be astonishing.”

Our farm is beautiful and in itself healing to the spirit. We have a highly qualified, compassionate staff and our horses love their work. No prior experience with horses is necessary.


The schedule is updated every two weeks.

Wednesday, May 8-Co-Ed Veterans

Wednesday, May 15-Female Veterans

Sunday, May 19-First Responders

Sunday, May 26-Support for Families of Veterans

Wednesday, May 29-Co-Ed Veterans

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