Workshops for Women

ACTT Naturally’s equine assisted learning program for women is an experiential process that employs the non verbal communication between horse and human.

I don’t think I can remember another time that I felt so wholly supported as I did by all the women present. It was indeed a very memorable experience.Erin B

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Our workshops are for women who are searching for a greater sense of purpose and passion, wish to become more powerful and self-directed, want to evolve spiritually, desire a deeper connection to self, others and nature, and wish to discover unique keys to wisdom and personal fulfillment. If you want more inner peace, inspiration or joy in your life, then you are ready to learn how to take your life to the higher level that our program can provide for you. In addition, you will also find that with sustained and aligned focus, you create new default patterns for ongoing inner balance and well-being no matter what is going on around you.


Horses offer an unbelievable opportunity to learn a deeper way of being in the world that allows your passion and creativity to permeate your life and joy to expand your heart. They help you find that sacred part of you that has always known what you need and what potential awaits you. With the help of our horses, we can teach you how to become more emotionally, physically and mentally aware and help you live an authentic life by teaching the art of being that is strengthened and guided by your heart’s calling.


When you honor a horse as a teacher and healer, the transformative results can be astonishing.
Our farm is beautiful and in itself healing to the spirit. We have a highly qualified, compassionate staff and our horses love their work.


No prior experience with horses is necessary.

Upcoming Workshops for Women

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