Sharing One Woman’s Experience

We describe our Workshops for Women as a way to develop a deeper connection to one’s self, others and nature. But sometimes our attendees can better describe the workshop as they experience it firsthand. Below, Laurie describes her experience in a letter to us, we’d like to share with everyone:

I went into this experience with a bit of trepidation. I have had a fear of horses for a large part of my adult life. So, I was open to viewing this as a step towards working on overcoming that fear, and any self discovery may be nice too…

Well, five hours later, I felt like I had taken those first steps and then ran full speed into falling back in love with these magnificent beings with the childlike passion that I had for them when I was a young girl. And as far as self discovery goes, I am no stranger to that work, but I feel that the time I spent with that horse, Butter, gave me by far the most honest yet gentle view of myself. And what has been amazing to me is that it didn’t stop when I left. In the days following I have continued to have moments that brought me back to what I learned from Butter and given me new ways to reassess myself, my energy and how I put it forth.

I also want to give much credit to Valerie and Jamie for guiding me through working with Butter and teaching so much more than how to be with horses again. They truly create a sacred space that offers the comfort and acceptance that makes doing this type of discovery so much easier and fulfilling.

I would love to see every women get to experience this type of growth and healing!

– Laurie