ACTT Naturally’s Teen Leadership Program Wraps Up

2“Hailey has always loved horses, but never had the opportunity to even touch one until now. This experience has brought out a side of Hailey that I always knew was there, but had never witnessed. She connected with Budder on a level not many people ever get to experience.” –   Hailey’s Mom

ACTT Naturally wrapped up their first 5-session Teen Leadership Program on Tuesday May 17th. Twelve 9th grade students from Columbia High School participated in a program designed to help adolescents discover, through our Equine Facilitated Learning Program, how their energy affects their environment, as well develop mutual respect, trust, healthy boundaries, leadership skills, and much more.

Many thanks to Andrea Neiman, her colleagues, and Columbia High School for helping to launch this program.

Valeria Buck, ACTT Naturally’s founder and president, states “Having myself found support during the tough teenage years from interaction with horses, I am overwhelmed with joy watching the kids interact with our Thoroughbreds,  and then see how it overflows into their life experiences.   We at ACTT Naturally are so very lucky to share our passion with others who benefit from our programs.”

Photo Credit Tracey Buyce