Tiz Risky aka “Marley” came into my life in the early fall of 2018. As soon as I took him off the trailer and walked him into the indoor arena I knew he was something special. We had an immediate connection, one that horsewoman Valerie Buck noticed and quickly commented on.

ACTT Naturally and Valerie truly care not only about the racehorses that come through their barn doors, but the bonds that potential adopters have with those horses.  Valerie’s expertise and compassion for both horses and humans alike is second to none. She truly understands relationships and understands that they are paramount in animal care.

Tiz Risky happily lives in Greenwich, being pampered and lightly training as a hunter. He has a bright eye, phenomenal disposition and a good build.

I will be forever grateful to him, ACTT Naturally and specifically Valerie Buck for making this all happen and for giving racehorses a more-than-fighting chance after the track.


Jackie Sears-Zaleski and Tiz Risky