Traffic Chief

There are 3 thoroughbreds here on the farm that I had the privilege of guiding through their morning workouts during my career at the racetrack.

Photo Credit Penny Lee Deere

Today’s Blog is dedicated to Traffic Chief, NY bred in 2000 (Sire-Colonial Affair, Dam-Miss Forte) by Barry K. Schwartz, and raced in the Mike Hushion Stable. Our “Chiefy” won 5 of the 12 races he competed in, and earned nearly $300,000!

Traffic Chief won the Albany Stakes at Saratoga, set a track record in the New York Derby, and is now healing souls through ACTT Naturally’s Equine Facilitated Learning programs.

In 2005 Chief finished last in a race at Saratoga, and was then sent to Finger Lakes Race Track, where he finished next to last. He was supposed to stay there after the race with another trainer, I called my boss and I asked if I could give him a home. They put him on the horse transport and brought him back to Saratoga, he was mine the next morning.

It turned out that Chief had navicular disease, a hoof disorder that was causing him discomfort.
We found a great farrier, supplements, holistic care, and he is doing great now!

Photo Credit Barbara Livingston

Chief was one of the founding thoroughbreds that started Saratoga War Horse. With confidence and compassion, Chief is the herd boss here, he has a presence that is respected by the many other thoroughbreds that respite here, before finding new purpose and new careers after racing. He helps them learn to speak their own language again as herd animals.

I love Chief for many reasons, he has taught me so much about patience, finding new ways to see things, respect, and guidance. He has certainly earned his keep around here. Chief will be a legacy from the very start of what has become a healing community for humans, equines, k9’s and many other critters in need of a place to crash.

Not afraid of leopards

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