This Weekend’s Workshops – A Great Success!

On Saturday April 9th we hosted an intimate group of women in our  first 5 hour Women’s Workshop of the 2016 season.  Within our group were 2 female Air Force Veterans, and we all enjoyed the interactions with our amazing thoroughbreds.  We all learn and grow in these workshops, whether we are there to handle the horses or an active participant, everyone benefits.   Penny D has signed on as our volunteer liaison for the attending women veterans, and as Penny said in her own words, she got just as much formatting and taking photos as she did when she attended a workshop as a participant.

On Sunday April 10th, we hosted a group of 9 young ladies from Niskayuna High School.  These remarkable ladies have created a club to raise money and awareness for the needs of animals.  They have volunteered their time at their local animal shelters, they’ve had bake sales and other events to raise money that they have donated to the WWF and many other charities.   Their visit to Long Shadows Farm on Sunday was a look at our program as they participated in a 2 hour visit.  They all interacted with our off-track thoroughbreds and learned how their energy was able to move the horses, and what it means to use your  focus and energy with the horses, and how that relates to their own relationships.  We were pleased to welcome these wonderful ladies and we are proud of the work they are doing.